My Head tried to Explode (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension)

Thanks for joining me! So at some point depending on questions I may go into more detail about the process of finding out that I have Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, but lets start with the basics.

My head was trying to do this:

Mars Attack Head Explosion

and my fiancée and I were like “Not today, Satan”

Nope smiling

So we went to the ER, had CT scans, an MRI (to make sure it was not a tumor), and then I had a lumbar puncture. Mind you there was so much more in between all of that, such as headaches that did not subside with ibuprofen (first symptom), which eventually turned into a full neck and complete head headache, with vision problems including blurred and blind spots. Included in this whole shebang was visits to urgent care (2nd urgent care visit that Doctor was on the money with his diagnoses, but there was not much he could do except prescribe a muscle relaxer as my insurance would not cover anything else unless I was at my own doctor), my doctor, and ER visits (first ER visit, in which that Doctor was right on the money, as well, with his diagnoses but we decided to wait to see my ophthalmologist the next day.)

Ophthalmologist who then told me to immediately go to the ER as I needed an MRI and lumbar puncture ASAP. That ER trip was not helpful as that Physicians Assistant was not on the money with his diagnoses (Exact words “maybe, it’s just a migraine”). The next day my vision was worse, the “tiny letters” appeared, meaning when reading a text message I was now having vision distortions where instead of seeing this, “Hey, how are you feeling today?” I was see this “Hy hOw are yoOu felng tOday?” The “missing” letters signify spots where the letter was appearing much too small for me to make it out, but I knew it should be there.

This was over the start of Labor Day weekend, so not the best time for business to be open. We then call the ophthalmologists office, spoke to the on call ophthalmologist, he asked me a few questions over the phone to verify, and then stated Yes, go to the ER now. Long story short, once again the on call Doctor at the ER this time, called our Ophthalmologist to confirm what exactly was going on, we then got the MRI (no tumor in sight), then I was given a lumbar puncture by that Doctor.

Screenshot_2018-08-08 IDIOPATHIC INTRACRANIAL HYPErtension simple explanation - Google Search
Mars Attack Head Explosion

Fun Fact: My fiancée was very excited about the lumbar puncture.

1. Something was finally being done and

2. He had never seen one performed before.

Alas, it was not as exciting has he was hoping it would be, as he was facing me and the Doctor and the nurse were facing my back with the needle.

Lasting Symptoms: It’s been a little over two months now and I’m still not 100%. In which my Neurologist has stated that I may need another Lumbar Puncture, since my vision is still not right (I have much smaller/grey blind spots and just slightly blurred vision still), meaning the spinal fluid may be just a little too high still. I was cleared to work out a while ago so that is why weight loss is an important factor for my overall health right now.

IIH treatment chart
I think I am between “No Visual Loss” and “Mild Visual Loss” depending on the next few months.

I should also mention concerning my vision, I have IIH (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension) with papilla-edema:

Screenshot_2018-08-08 pailadeama - Google Search

  That is where the blind spots are coming from, we all have them, but since my optic nerve swelled/is swollen I am much more aware of them and they do interfere with my vision. All in all I am okay though, yes, it hit me out of no where, and there’s no real explanation for it, although for myself personally I have some factors that could have contributed. As for now, I’m doing what I do.

Kick names take ass-Mantis
Getting Knocked down in life is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice.-Zig Ziglar

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