My Current Routine (Losing inches but not lbs)

Hello Everyone! As you may know I personally would like to lose quite a bit of weight and because of health reasons (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension) it is recommended that I lose 10% of my overall weight.


So at my highest weight I was 211lbs with 31.7% body fat, and this was recorded through my Fit-bit and Bluetooth scale on May 15th 2018. I do not have measurements for that, but honestly they might be somewhere, in which I will update this when/if they are found. Once I started working out again I was so discouraged and upset with how far I had “fallen”.

Andy-Running impossible.gif
Andy-Everything hurts

But No! I was going to do this very slow and steady. I started with just walking/jogging in place while watching YouTube videos- 2 or 3 videos would equal 30 minutes of activity and exercise for the day was finished. I, of course, started keeping track of my calories and still ate a bit junky but I made sure to stay under my calorie deficit for weight loss as much as possible. After that I started rummaging through Beach body programs that I liked.

The best exercise program is the one your going to stick with, I chose T25 as it was only 25 minutes, had a low impact modifier throughout, and I like Shaun T (he’s the trainer). I was also familiar with the program and I knew that I needed something with a modifier as I am still not comfortable with jumps because of the increased cerebral spinal fluid. Since I also have a Fit bit, I still chose to walk in place after my workout to get extra steps in, I think my step counter is still set to 5,000 steps. Goals are Goals! and the main point is that You reach them for Yourself. Now, I personally have problems with sticking with a routine for longer than two weeks so no I did not do the program for a full 60 days, when I felt ready for a change up and to move on, I did.

Remember, I’m very familiar with all of the Beach body programs so I then decided to do 21 day fix for a while, started cutting a bit more junk out, and I still continued to get extra steps in after my primary workout. Now we’re about upto speed. Oh, I should mention that back in the day (about 3 1/2 years ago) these were my basic measurements:

135lbs  24%Body fat 35-25.5-37.5 so yea I use to be one “fit chick” :/

Anyways, no use dwelling on the past but yea…:/

As of July 30th and then August 27th these are my measurements:

  • 203.8lbs 30.4%BF       203.4lbs 30.3%BF
  • Bust-42.67                   42.28
  • Ribs-37.24                   36.88
  • Waist-37                      36.45
  • low waist-44.17          40.43
  • Hips-48.77                   48.46
  • Thigh- 30.23                27.75 (I’ve never been able to measure my thigh that well so some error may be here)

Now, according to losing 10% of my weight that would mean at my highest (around the same time hospitalization and whatnot occurred) I would need to lose about 21lbs. Also of right now, I have only lost about 8lbs. The inches for the past month are impressive though and we’ll see when the actual lbs start dropping. To help anyone reading this here is my current workout:

It is a mixture of Beach body’s Chalean Extreme and The Shift Shop. Mind you the Shift Shop I only use as extra cardio and it is a bonus so if I feel a bit more tired, hurried, or anything it’s not unreasonable for me to drop the second workout for the day and call it good. Also, I am currently eating between 1200-1400 calories a day primarily because I am trying to lose the weight quicker for health reasons, but I always make it a point to at least get 1200 calories in. This is also only using the first month of Chalean Extreme as I have not gotten to the second phase yet.

  • Burn Circuit 1, Speed 25
  • Speed 35
  • Burn Circuit 2, Speed 25
  • Speed 35, Ab Ripper X(P90X)
  • Burn Circuit 3, Speed 25
  • Burn it Off, Stretch X(P90X)
Future will be thankful

Once again, the disclaimer is that I know my body. I have used weights in the past and my body loves muscle, gains it quickly, and I love feeling strong. So, what I’m doing may not work for you, but fitness is a personal journey and not only do you get to know what you mentally like but you get to understand your body better and what it responds to the best, fastest, and what makes you feel fantastic!

start to be great.png
BP Excited

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