My Views, Biases, and Background

Let me start off by saying I am neither Democrat nor Republican, I am a registered Independent. We can also start off by saying yes, I believe the whole system is convoluted, a huge mess, filled with too many greed driven individuals, and those seemingly loyal to a party moniker and themselves than to the people they are actually supposed to serve.

Concerning the issue of social media and politics I rarely add my own opinion to the items I post, particularly if something is a “shared” article, it does not hold the absolute of myself believing everything contained within, hence why I tend to share multiple articles from multiple news outlets concerning the subject in question. Sadly, it has come to my knowledge that a lot of people share things only in which they 100% believe, I do not. If someone asks for my opinion I will give it, but I strongly prefer not to, as it seems on social media you’re not asked for your opinion because someone honestly wants to understand your point of view, see where you two may differ and why, but they want to ask your opinion to argue about it or they don’t care about your opinion, but they do want to talk about THEIR opinion. I know, it may sound like I’m a jerk when I state “I’m not interested in your opinions” but what I mean is, I’m not trying to have a one woman crusade to change your opinion, I am simply presenting you with information. I am a stark believer that if something bothers you, you need to first look inward as to why?

When it comes to some things it can be very easy to understand yourself and look inward- e.g. I don’t like when people litter…why does that bother me? Well, we all live on this earth and are sharing its resources, it’s disrespectful to the people who have to pick it up because there are too many people thinking someone else will take care of it, it’s lazy, etc., in which all of these self-questions and answers can go even deeper into my own values and morals concerning myself and the world. It is so important to know yourself, how are you expected to understand others when you don’t even truly understand yourself? I know who I am, I have asked myself the deep questions, the tough questions, even the inane questions, you know, just to see if there was anything deeper in there, to really get at the heart of who I truly am. Heck, I’ve had dreams and nightmares like everyone else and I know where my mind goes and my heart dwells when those occur.

I am a Christian, I don’t make it a habit of telling that to everyone I meet or proclaiming it as some sort of badge to the world but yes, if I am asked, that is what I identify with. I grew up going to church, actively participating in events in helping those less fortunate than myself (thanks dad), reading the bible regularly, and learning the messages I received while in the children’s ministry. I identify as Christian as that is my religious background, what I know, what I understand, and what I try to encompass. I am a very humble individual, I do not like being front and center, but I do have a lot to say, in which I never say things with little thought. I try to always speak with purpose, I do not speak to hear myself, as I know who I am.

When I post on social media it is meant for others to look inward, I primarily post without comment as I understand that not everyone “listens” to the news and not everyone is able to or knows of different news sources. I find it very upsetting when people don’t want to learn or change, I say that in so many of the things I post are “ignored” which is okay, I do not care for a reply, I honestly prefer no replies, likes, or comments. I am sharing information, news, ideas, whatever you wish to call them. I am not trying to change anyone’s mind, heart, opinion, lifestyle, but trying to have them question these things for themselves. Knowing yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, the people you care about, and the world. Maybe you are someone who has always had that speck of anger or fear within you, knowing that is truly half the battle, the second half is being aware of what situations flare that up in you and why.

The biggest part of the battle is knowing how to keep that beast at bay and channel it correctly into good works, hobbies, and your own personal development. Sometimes the best answers aren’t found outside of you but within.


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