She is officially in her crib…mostly

It has been a full week now that our 16 month old daughter has been sleeping in her crib at night…for the most part. Well, she’s going to bed at 8:30pm or around that time and waking up around 1am pretty consistently, there was one night where she slept until 4:30am so I’m thinking it’s a process?

Courtesy of Nightlight by Nanit

So what happens at 1am? She cries and I may be able to quite her for another 20 minutes or so of sleep in her crib, but then she awakes full force with a screech, crying, and with the immediate urgency of needing to stand up and get out of her blankets completely. So whew, any suggestions?

What’s a stock image?

I know, I know, let her cry a bit, soothe her, maybe even hold her until she goes back to sleep enough then place her in her crib so she understands this is where she sleeps now, but man, it’s so jarring to be woken up like that and so far she really hasn’t been willing to go back to sleep soon enough. Just so you know, no, the plan wasn’t for her to sleep in our bed. Is it ever the plan?

Pictured: Not the plan

So here’s what happened- Delia had been sleeping in her napper (that was the easiest place for me to put her down and pick her up from) up until her 9th week, where she then had her two month Doctor appointment/check up. My daughter is a winter baby so there were just cold germs hanging around after the holidays (I know, pre-covid reasoning/understanding- everyone wanted to see baby), she subsequently got her immunizations and became sick. Just a cold, but that was enough to give her a stuffy nose and trouble breathing while lying down flat, so I laid her with me with pillows propped up around and behind me so she would also be at an incline while sleeping. I needed to sleep, she needed to sleep, and at the time it was the best option. Fast forward many moons and she was at least napping in her crib but not yet sleeping in it during the night.

She is now semi-sleeping through the night in her crib and going to bed at a proper toddler time.Alas, she is now also waking up at a “proper” toddler time. Hello 7:30am wake ups! I know, it was just a matter of time and it is what’s best for her, but dang, it was pretty sweet having her wake up around 10/11am when we all went to bed together and she was on our schedule.

le sigh


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