Transform 20: Week 1- Transformation starts from within…

Let’s talk Transform 20– It is a program brought to us by Beachbody and created by all around great person Shaun-T. This guy really is a good person, someone who keeps striving to be better every day, and he also really understands the full struggle of exercise, fitness, weight loss, etc. 10/10 highly recommend (btw I am completely not affiliated with Beachbody in any way, I’m just a fan).

Throughout Transform 20 Shaun T really emphasizes real transformation- not just what the scale reads or what you see in the mirror but the real deep seated issues you may have and that is why I chose this program. It’s no secret that as a new or newish mom a lot new, confusing, and different emotions emerge and continue to emerge. Be it body changes, mental mood swings, or just exhaustion, but through it all the will and drive to get back to where you were or more so find the right balance again, however that new normal may be. So let’s get to it!

Starting Date: February 8th, 2021

Starting Weight: 201.2lbs

Measurements: (All measurements where applicable are right sided)


Chest- 43.66in

Rib Cage- 36.92in

Waist- 37.32in

Hips- 48.62in

Thigh- 28.81in

Calf- 15.98in

Body Fat%- 46.7

Muscle Mass: 104lbs

Goal lbs: 189.2 The goal is to lose about 2lbs a week, so by the end of the program 12lbs.

So I am starting this program as a way to truly take to heart the Transformation aspect of it, throughout the workouts Shaun T really emphasizes growth, listening to yourself, and really drawing on the strength that one has from within. As a new mom I felt that I lost track of that part of myself along the way and I’ve be going through the process of getting back to “me”. It is also no secret that the recent year or so has been tough on everyone be it quarantine, working from home, world events, politics, etc- sh*t has gotten real. Included in that has been my own personal journey through a prolonged friendship break-up that I have definitely needed to process. In so, I have been processing through these emotions, as well as, my day to day feelings, aches, pains, etc… through the Transform 20 workouts and through my vlogs that can be found here or in the “Videos!” tab.

Nutrition- As of this week I was averaging about 2000 calories a day, which is not the best, but still reasonable as I burn about 2300-2500 calories a day- including workouts and daily life activity. So yes, moving forward I do plan on cleaning up my nutrition more, as to fall into the 1600-1800 calorie range. I have not as of yet gotten super strict on what I actually eat, but as a general guideline (even in my fit chick days) these were/are the “rules”.

  1. No bleached grains- whole wheat or 100% whole grain foods whenever possible
  2. No extra sugars, e.g. fruits are fine but nix the artificial sugars (candy, deserts, sweets, etc.)
  3. Water! (I personally don’t like to drink my calories so sodas, fruit drinks, etc were/are pretty easy for me to limit)
  4. Protein! (Gotta feed that muscle)
  5. Fiber is important- fruits, vegetables, etc. Make sure you have regular healthy bowel movements.
start making better choices, one meal at a time

Workouts– The Transform 20 workouts are 6 days a week and only 20 minutes, so yea that’s pretty sweet considering I’m working out and showering during my daughters nap time and still trying to get a little TV time in. Another thing to mention is that I go on walks with my daughter and husband about 4/5 days a week- nothing to strenuous but averaging about 30-45 minutes of normal paced walking. The first weeks workouts have burned about 250-350 calories per workout, except for the Day 6 workout titled “Balanced”, that one burned closer to 150 calories as it was much more pulse movement based and less intense cardio. Overall, I’m enjoying the workouts, I’m enjoying the process, and I’m very hopeful about this Transformation.

Commit. Climb. Conquer.

If you found this Blog post interesting please checkout Week 2, week 4, and both of my Transform 20 Results and Reviews- the short and sweet one or the in-depth one 🙂


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