Let’s talk gardening! Regrowing vegetables edition!

So, ever since our house became ours again. I have really flourished-I did not realize how others were affecting me so negatively…but hey did you click here for my jibber jabber or for the hot plant action?

Haha, I couldn’t resist

On a real note- mental health is important, make sure to take care of yourself, set your boundaries, and regularly reassess what’s working and what’s not, be it relationships, self-care, etc. Now, onto the beautiful plants- I have decided to dabble in gardening. I do have some experience int his from many years ago when I lived with my sister but we did not at the time have any lasting success. Here is a quick recap about me and plants:

  1. I either water too much or waaay too little
  2. Gnats. Gnats have always been an issue/nemesis of mine when it came to keeping a plant alive/tolerable inside my house.
  3. Anxiety. Does anyone else get anxious about keeping something alive? (Yes, I know I have a daughter)
Anxiety. It’s what you do!

With keeping all of that in mind, I decided regrowing plants would be my first step- I mean some plants just straight up grow in terrible conditions or some vegetables just keep growing while their in the fridge, am I right? With that in mind I started my little experiment with green onions. Apparently, you can just stick green onions in some water and they’ll continue sprouting, you can choose to re-cut them as needed and just wait until they stop producing more or eventually replant them and…? The point is I did it, I did a something:

So, green onion is marked under success! We did it and so far no gnats- I did have a scare where there was one in our house but it is still unknown if it came from the soil or outside. I’m pretty sure it did not come from the green onion themselves since those green onions were in our fridge for a very long time (a few weeks at the minimum). I looked it up further and as suspected gnats can come from soil- store bought too but you can keep that minimal if you buy specific soil, I did not. Husband picked up soil from the closest Home Depot. So, what I ended up doing to ease my anxiety- I mixed some dawn dish soap into a spray bottle and sprayed just a few spritz onto the top layer of soil. No plants were harmed.

I then attempted to re-grow some romaine lettuce…it did not go as well.

A moment of silence to those harmed by my hubris

First and foremost I was not using the best of the bunch, I was pretty much using whatever was in our fridge. That happened to contain some quite old romaine lettuce, I had my husband make a salad with what could be salvaged and then I chopped the main leaves off so there was only about 2 inches of whole stem left. Also, the lettuce totally had fungus/mold on it that I would later learn is kind of non-salvageable at a certain point.

oh, what sorrow…

Here was the attempt:

The whole process took about a week and then it was quite clear, that there would be no survivors. Mind you, one of the stems didn’t grow even a little bit so sometimes duds also happen. Plus, you won’t get a full head of lettuce with the re-grow method either just some more lettuce so still worth a shot and we learned.


So we learned and husband also bought me some more seeds. I currently have two pots filled with soil in their own quarantine as an attempt to make sure gnats are not in the soil.

Yep, just some good old fashioned packing tape

Anyways, we lived, we learned, the anxiety was real, but hey that’s life. I definitely feel better about everything and I’m really enjoying making my house feel like my home…next stop planting some cherry tomato seeds and I’ll make sure to keep you updated!

Remember: There are many ways to be creative and to keep looking for your passion!

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