Transform 20: Week 4 Climb Phase is complete! (Results so far)

Hello Everyone! We have made it to week 4 in Shaun T’s Transform 20 workout Program! At this moment I am quite proud and ready to keep going onward to week 5 and 6. If you’re interested in any of the other weeks, articles 1 and 2 can be found here and here 🙂 Well, let me just say if you’ve followed my daily Transform 20 vlogs, which full warning depending on when you are reading this they may not all be caught up yet…

In my defense, I keep a small being alive everyday (:

But in my vlogs I mention that my nutrition/diet has not been top notch particularly this last weekend before taking my week 4 measurements. Last weekend, we took a day trip to L.A. and good food was had.

One word- Ramen mmmmm

So, yes not the healthiest of food especially before measurements I also tend to hold onto water weight/bloat quite easily. My weight can fluctuate 2+ pounds from one day to the next depending on what I ate (e.g salt). So, without further ado I’ll get down to the measurements:

Commit Phase Completion(Week 2): 02/21/2012——–Climb Phase Completion(Week 4): 03/07/2021

Week 2 Weight: 199.2lbs__________Week 4 Weight: 201.2lbs (+2lbs)

Arm:14.40in________________14.01in (-0.39in)

Chest: 41.81in______________43.17in (+1.36in)

Rib Cage: 36.53in__________37.28in (+0.75in)

Waist: 36.92in______________37.04in (+0.12in)

Hips: 48.38in_______________48.18in (-0.20in)

Thigh: 29.01in______________29.05in (+0.04in)

Calf: 16.02in________________15.78in (-0.24in)

Body Fat%: 46.6____________46.7 (+0.1%)

Muscle Mass: 103.4lbs_____104.4lbs (+1lbs)

*Measurements: (All measurements where applicable are the right side)

Overall it appears that I gained 1.44 inches since my last measurements, but from Week 1 stats I’ve still lost almost an inch. Yes, it’s a bit of a bummer and my weight hasn’t changed as much as I’ve hoped, but I do know physical and emotional changes are definitely happening considering my strength and cardiovascular fitness plus if we go off of week 1 muscle mass I’ve gained almost 1/2 a lb of muscle.

Nutrition- As stated previously, I totally had a trip out of town where I enjoyed myself, but I also think I haven’t been sticking to my nutrition as well as I could have in general. I touch on this in my vlogs but I do have some emotional eating issues and sometimes a cheat meal turns into another cheat meal because of leftovers, etc. By the end of week 4 I was averaging 2,000 calories per day so yes, the junk food or “cheat” meals do add up. Upcoming for the last phase of Transform 20 I plan on cleaning up the nutrition once again by keeping the cheat meal as one meal, leftovers be damned and I’m actually going to take my macro-nutrients into account when making my regular meal/snack choices.

Workouts- I mentioned in one of my vlog posts that I started to feel denser and that is still very much true. If I really have gained 1/2 a pound of muscle overall then yes, I am noticing that strength and it makes a huge difference in my day to day life. I also have noticed my core overall has gotten a lot stronger which is something as a mom really needed some work, particularly after pregnancy. Overall, I’m feeling more so that my internal structures are changing and strengthening and hey, that’s the whole point, right? Change starts from within.

We can do this!

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