Mom Health and Fitness: Learning to just Chill

Hello Everyone, so it has been a bit of time since my last article/blog post so let’s just jump right in! I do have a few blog/articles in progress but if you recall I did hurt my knee while doing #MBF and overall through both MBF and Transform 20 my results were nowhere near where I wanted them to be. Obviously, I still wanted to share them, connect with others- who may also be going through the same struggles, and also show some realistic physical expectations if you’re just not ready to jump into a full clean eating strict lifestyle change- I mean who really is ever ready for that?

Food, am i right?

Plus it’s all about long term sustainability for yourself, what you are capable and comfortable with, and your quality of life matters! So, I had a projects in the work, one primarily being a Beachbody hybrid I created with myself and postpartum moms in mind- something working through and strengthening specific muscle groups, keeping workout lengths in mind, and I really wanted to present it with myself as the guinea pig ,but once I started refining it I realized I really was not where I wanted to be mentally. I use to be a fit chick as written about in a previous Transform 20 article and I really remember how it felt to feel strong. I then realized there were/are definite contributing factors that are contributing to my mental health state that are also hindering my weight loss.So, I decided to take a step back and really see what groundwork on myself really needed to be changed and worked through- the actual physical exercise is the “easy” part, my internal mindset, eating habits, emotions, and basic physiological problems needed to be addressed. One of my first problems that needed to be addressed, in which I’m still currently working on is my lack of sleep.

Running on a toddlers schedule will catch up to you hard :$

Motherhood is no joke, you are running on another little persons internal rhythm and not your own for the most part so sleep deprivation is a gonna be a thing. As you may know or how I will explain here, sleep helps regulate your hormones, your hormones regulate your bodily functions and needs such has burning fat, holding onto fat, bloating, etc.

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So that is the first step of getting my mental house in order- I need to get enough sleep. In general it is recommended for an adult to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep at night (personally my sweet spot is 9 1/2 hours but hey we’re not trying to get miracles). I have been getting about 6 ½ hours of sleep for months now according to my fitbit, maybe even going on since Delia was born, but I do know the longest I’ve slept in one go in the past 3 months has be 8 hours and 12 minutes about 7 weeks ago. The sleep deprivation is real.

Wake me up next week please

So, I’ve made a goal- I’m trying to at least get 7 ½ hours of sleep 3 days a week. Sadly, this time also would cut into my time spent with husband after daughter goes to bed or cut into my “me” time of lying in bed scrolling on my phone while everyone else is sleeping. Sacrifices and priorities, am I right?

We all need some “me” time

The next step I have decided to take is to really take a look into my emotional eating habits- I am an emotional and stress eater. I’ve started by reading a few articles, taking notes, and buying a book (I will link this eventually once I actually finish the book). So far I’m still choosing to eat in a calorie deficit but I’m slowly seeing where I feel the most comfortable deficit-wise. I’m very much trying not to have a binge/stress/emotional eating evening or “junk” day.I haven’t restricted any foods but I have made it a conscious point to talk to myself when I do feel like stress or emotionally eating (consciously choosing to “check-in” with myself as to why I want to eat something). I’ve also limited cravings to a small portion of sweets or snacks and then, as mentioned, to check in with myself- I think the overall stance I have taken is mindfulness while eating, really listening to myself, and my body. What do I actually want? Sweet, salty, etc.., Am I actually hungry or is this a craving, etc..?

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The third thing I’m still going to do as I mentioned briefly earlier is I’m still choosing to eat in a calorie deficit. For the first week of this process I’ve decided to start at only 200 calories under my maintenance calories, then continue the following week to 250 calories under maintenance, but keeping my options open to choose to stay at a certain deficit if I feel that it is a good spot for me, personally.t. In doing this it’s also not a goal to always be right under 200 maintenance calories but a guideline- the goal is stay under or at maintenance but if I’m just finished eating for the day and I feel fine then great I can be 400 or 500 under my maintenance calories as long as I’m not depriving myself.

It really is about long-term sustainability and what works for you

The fourth thing is workouts are now on the back burner- I decided to emphasize just being more active during the day like actually listening to my fit bit when it tells me to get 200 steps or something. I still am keeping workouts to at least 2-3 days a week and they are currently a combo upper/abs and lower/abs (in which I will make sure to link part two of this article as that is where I will discuss my results, updates on everything, and what my actual workouts and eating habits entailed over the past few weeks). My workouts will of course be spread out as to give my body plenty of time to rest and I will make a point to really listen to my body if a serious workout really doesn’t feel appealing or I know I’m still sore from the last one then jogging in place, running in place, or even using a peddler for 30 minutes is definitely a low impact option just to get something in.

Sometimes you just gotta start moving…something is better than nothing

So there you have it, I’ve really been trying to get my mental health and overall well being in order- I’m still working on the #mbf YouTube video as the article is already completed, but I have definitely been lagging on it. I am also still losing weight with this process so in a couple to a few weeks I hope to present a more refined article and eventually YouTube video (the link to my channel is the “Videos!” heading 🙂 or just find me on YouTube as “Angelaandthensome) with even more information and of course, before and after videos. Thank you so much for reading!


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