Mom Bod: Trying to Get a Super Hero Body-Week 1

Well, hello, I hope you are doing well. Anyhow, let’s jump right into it shall we?

Let’s go!
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If you’ve read my blog posts before you may know that I use to be a “fit chick” meaning, I was in pretty darn good shape- not bikini competition level, but I was doing pretty good and fitness was definitely a strong hobby of mine. I have discussed this previously in my Transform 20 In-Depth Review, with saying that I genuinely want to be in shape again, feel comfortable in my body, and above all be actually physically strong and capable. I know and remember how it felt to have a body that was ready to run a mile if needed without any real preperation, I remember what it felt like to just look at a mannequin and be like “yes, that’s how that will look on me”, I remember what it felt like knowing I needed to buy a barbell with weights because I was at the max my dumbbells could do (35lbs).

I was strong and on my way to become even stronger…

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So, with saying that, I recently started doing research. I don’t like to waste time so I specifically started looking into Superhero workouts- mind you not themed Superhero workouts, but the actual plans to get those results or at the least strongly point your body in the right direction on that journey. I found Steve Zim’s SuperHero Nutrition, I also found Roman Fitness Systems Superhero Workout. Now with saying that- modifications would definitely be needed. Here’s why:

1.I’m a woman. A lot of workout programs geared towards the “Superhero” physique tend to be geared towards men as the general template (no shame about it, but you know, fact) so with that I am aware that modifications particularly when it comes to weight suggestions, nutrition guidelines, etc. will need to be very much modified to fit me.

2. I’m no spring chicken. Yes, I am over 30. Yes, I am overweight. Yes, I may have a past mild injury or two. But my goal is to work through them, modify the moves, find out what works, what doesn’t, and even what moves are completely off limits for me. The positive with this is I get to learn more about what works best for me and other legitimate modifications to help others who may have similar issues.

3. I’m a mom. In so, time is limited and at a scarcity. I will need to make sure to be up on my sleep and since this is a priority I will have to make the active choice to make my physical well-being and this goal an active priority- sorry phone no more late nights for a while, am I right?

What do you mean I don’t have time to read 2 hours of fan fiction?
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So, what exactly will my workout be? I’m glad you asked.

It’ll be 3 days a week of lifting with possibly 3 days a week of cardio. Now, here’s why I say possibly, I have not fully spoken about this yet on my YouTube Channel nor much has been mentioned on my blog, but I may have an autoimmune disorder (ANA test came back positive), more blood tests have been run, and I will not know what I may have until sometime next week at my next Doctors appointment. With taking that into account I have noticed how tired I am and when I did the “dry” run of this workout routine for 2 weeks (I only lifted twice a week, found out what modifications I needed, the weight that I was comfortable with, worked on form, and I happened to go on almost daily walks with Husband and daughter) I found that I was wiped, like taking a nap when daughter napped and still falling asleep on the couch at 7pm wiped out.

Accurate representation, but also imagine a small toddler running around and demanding cuddles
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Although, I would love to go full speed with the cardio as well, I also know my body is out of shape, like even without anything else added my body is a flabby mess, let’s just say it- my everything is not doing so hot right now.

I will eventually have my actually lifting routine and what ended up “sticking” when I update this/ link an updated blog post 🙂 I plan on checking back in probably in about 3 weeks from, preferably before Christmas.

Now, let’s talk nutrition. I do have a goal of getting to 185lbs at least but mid January which my current weight and measurements are as follows:

88.35 kgs/lbs- 194.8


Bust- 105.8cm/in 41.65

Ribs- 91.7cm/in 36.10

Waist- 91.7cm/in 36.10

Hips- 119.6cm/in 47.08

Thigh-73.4cm/in 28.89

Calf-40.3cm/in 15.86

Muscle Mass- 100.8 (according to my scale) Body Fat-46.1 BMI-34.4

So, can we lose a little less than 10lbs in 6-8 weeks, I’m gonna try!

Back to Nutrition, I will be at a calorie deficit and trying to burn around 2500 calories a day with a calorie intake of about 1600 or slightly less. I am also going to put an emphasis on staying hydrated and making sure I get enough protein (we’re going to try to stay in the range of 100-150 grams of protein a day, and I really mean try because a girl can only eat so much chicken and protein shakes in a day, am I right?). My goal isn’t just to lose the weight, but try to hold onto and possibly gain more muscle- if the gain Gods so choose to smile upon me.

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Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you updated! Don’t forget to check me out on other Social media- Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube 🙂


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