Working on that Superhero Body! The 3-Week Test Run Results!

Hello Everyone! I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying getting back into the groove of things! Well, as for me, I previously discussed how I was going to start getting a Superhero Body and I did what ended up being my trial run through, which I will be discussing here!

The journey has begun!
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Beginning in December 2021, I decided that this would be my work out for the next 3 weeks or as close to it as possible-

The Workouts

These workouts were adapted from Roman Systems Super Hero Workout as first mentioned in one of my previous articles 🙂 As you can see, modifications were made, I took little notes, and switched some things around. You do you, do what’s best for your body!

My Nutrition

Now, I had already previously worked through some of my emotional eating habits, in which I felt like I was/am at a good point to really reassess and start my journey more earnestly. Reminder- a lot of my posts do have a YouTube video to accompany them so please feel free to check out my YouTube channel to take a gander over there and get some extra tidbits concerning my journey and other things I’m up to 🙂

I decided to take a more introspective look into my eating habits and start to more actively process my emotions concerning food because as we all know- a lot of results with weight loss, gaining muscle, losing fat, etc., relies a lot on your nutrition. So, nutrition became a primary goal with exercise. Overall, for those 3 weeks my meals looked like this-

  • Breakfast-Ensure Max Protein nutrition shake, bowl of fruit (blueberries, strawberries, orange or apple slices, about 1-2.5oz of each)
  • Lunch– Spinach, egg, and avocado quesadilla (5g of spinach, 1 egg, about 20-30g of avocado, two thin slices of cheddar cheese, and a whole wheat tortilla), a 20oz cup of green tea and Peppermint Tea (I just like the flavors of both, but there’s also some evidence of Green Tea helping with weight loss plus green tea equals a nice little caffeine boost)
  • Afternoon Snack– Protein shake
  • Dinner– This is the meal that varied the most. As a mom, I needed to make a good and healthy dinner that my husband would enjoy as well as my toddler. In so, I tended to buy a rotisserie chicken on our weekly grocery list that I would portion out for myself for dinner and have a smaller portion of what they would have for dinner-I also added in kimchi to my diet.
  • Late night snacks– Now, if I was genuinely hungry after my toddler went to bed, I would have a cup of peppermint tea to make sure I wasn’t just thirsty, then I would have some plain oatmeal with about 5 grams of maple syrup, and with 15-30g of peanut butter mixed in.

Overall, my calories ranged between 1650-2300 calories depending on the day, how I was feeling, and what type of workout I did earlier that day.

So, generally we were at a calorie deficit of 200-800 (once again, depending on the day, listening to my body, and depending on the calorie burn of that day’s work out). One of the biggest things I did concerning my nutrition besides processing my emotions was to up my protein intake. Even though, right now, the primary goal is to lose weight I would still like to

  1. Stay has healthy as possible (getting enough vitamins, protein, etc.)
  2. Keep as much of my current muscle as possible and build upon it
#NewbGainz are still gains
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Now, I know in general when gaining muscle, a calorie surplus is what you need/want but since I’m trying to lose weight much more steadily and regularly (if I go too slow on that I know I will get discouraged-although I do regularly take my measurements so I would notice body recompositoning happening). I would just like to sum that up- as I’m overweight and I’m not comfortable in my own skin right now. So, yes, weight loss is the primary goal, but we’re trying to keep as much muscle as possible and make my body stronger.

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Overall, I would have to say that this little dip back into more strength training went pretty well. Now, I didn’t take proper pictures this time around, as I was merely giving it a test run, but my measurements do say something-

Measurements 12/04/21-12/24/21








Body Fat Percentage-46.1—->46

So, it seems I lost 1.2lbs, .1% body fat and 2.6cm or 1.02 inches overall. I would say not bad or not terrible for only 3 weeks in between the holidays, right? As I stated and the title of this article implies, that was only the test run. As of now I’m quite certain of what my goals and priorities and what my YouTube channel is going to be focused on! Over the next two weeks I’m going to be working on a new article encompassing this passion and working on the introductory YouTube video to that- So, if you liked what you read here, are interested in seeing where/what my journey is going to encompass please continue reading my articles, follow me on YouTube and other social media! Thank you 🙂

Let’s do this!
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