Superhero Body: Becoming a Superhero! (What makes a Superhero?)

Hello and welcome! I want to become a Superhero! Let’s actually jump in a and see what that actually means!

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First, let me walk you through some of my initial thought processes. Initially, my thoughts of becoming a superhero were just in the getting in incredibly good shape and just adding some sprinkles of other personal goals. The other goals consisted of things like becoming fluent in some languages, getting back into my own rhythm of enjoying who I am as person, reading, and maybe adding some skill building aspects to myself e.g., public speaking, writing, drawing, piano etc.

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Originally, I started this Superhero journey at the end of last year (December 2021), but it was more so a run through-seeing what kind of workouts I would stick with as well as which ones agreed with my body the most e.g., the ones needing the least amount of modification since I do have some previous strains and I’m no spring chicken, and of course which type of workouts seemed to help me lose weight at a relatively good pace. As that month progressed and I had made some headway and currently I started a weightlifting program courtesy of muscle and fitness with some cardio, eating healthier, and seeing some weight loss. I took a step back and really evaluated what I actually wanted and what I really meant by stating that “I wanted a Superhero body”? I realized I want to be a superhero- not in the sense of literally punching bad guys but in being a truly amazing human being who has put in the work to be the person they wish they had known, as a friend, mentor, hero, etc. I want to be that person and in so coming to that revelation I have to decide what that means to me. So, if you’re interested in that lets jump into it!

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What makes a Superhero Super?

(Body, Mind, and Spirit)

I categorized the most prominent aspects of what makes a Superhero Super as body, mind, and spirit. The following shows my personal views on how those areas relate to myself, my journey, and in what way each of those are important in one being a Superhero.

  1. Body- Every Superhero needs to be in relatively good shape. In so, weight loss and physical health will still be a primary goal. With saying that, I will later expound on what my actual weight loss goals, fat percentage, muscle definition, etc., will actually be in an upcoming article and YouTube video showcasing where I’m starting in all of these categories! For now, we can look at the general health and fitness guidelines provided by Common Sense Health to showcase where someone of my height should roughly fall in those categories.
I’m 5’3″ btw
  1. Mind- Most Superheroes have amazing minds and specialties in which they excel. One of the main foundations I have for myself is that I value understanding- understanding yourself and understanding others. In so, I will be leveling up my mind through understanding others (as well as myself) more though psychology (which is already a hobby of mine), skill building (think public speaking, charisma, conflict resolution, negotiation, etc.), and general/advanced knowledge (learning languages, studying the hard sciences further, and continuing my journey of learning about humanity) I will be doing further research to figure out which skills I may already excel in and in which ones I am lacking, in order to make myself a better rounded person.
  2. Spirit- In the context of being a Superhero “spirit” for me can mean grit, determination, resilience, and willpower-essentially also being someone who has a strong foundational core, knows what they are about, where they are going, and who remains true to themselves. I plan on this Heros journey of mine to take about 5 years, in so one cannot help but grow when one reads, learns about others, and takes that first step forward. I will read a lot of self-help and growth books in conjunction with activities and skills that help feed the soul e.g., music, writing, painting, drawing, etc.

I plan on fully leveling myself up as a human being with the understanding that this will take time, effort, and work. Even if I don’t get where I exactly want to be, the point is that I will have moved forward and have become closer to being the person I want to be.

“A journey of 1,000 steps begins with 1”
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Superhero Inspiration

Who do I find Inspirational? (Pop Culture)

Now that the general overview is out of the way of what will be encompassed in my journey to becoming a Superhero let’s get to the fun part! Who am I getting inspiration from? Well, we all know marvel superheroes and superheroes in general are kind of a big thing right now, right? Well, yea here are a few of the Superheroes I admire for various reasons:

Not in any particular order but maybe they are?

Marvel Superheroes

  1. Doctor Strange– He’s a literal surgeon who rose to a high rank in his field before becoming a master of the mystic arts so double whammy right there, am I right?
  2. Captain Marvel– Now, I know the Captain Marvel movie didn’t showcase her as well as it could/should have but I still respect her- if anything this girl has grit. She was shown as someone who won’t back down and will keep getting back up-I could have put Captain America here since similarly he was shown as always continuing the fight, “I can do this all day”, right? But, similar to Captain Marvel I felt that he too was not given enough personalization, personality, well-roundedness in the movies, in which I was able to connect with Captain Marvel just a bit more as to place her here.
  3. All the marvel superheroes (or at least mostly)- Every one of them has their positives and negatives to take into account. Some of my favorites include Bucky Barnes, Black Widow, Scarlett Witch, Vision, and Loki.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a manga with an anime adaption featuring professional superheroes, villains, and heroes in training. This series is one of the primary reasons inspiring me to become a full well-rounded person- not just physically in shape but mentally, emotionally, and all the in between. My favorite characters include (and in no particular order):

  1. Bakugou Katsuki– This character has grown so much throughout the series-they are passionate, disciplined, and honest. Also, he has amazing shoulders.
  2. Aizawa Shota– This man has lost people close to him, has fought to protect his students, and receives no glory (he’s an “underground” hero meaning he prefers not to give interviews, pictures, etc.) He is an example of a superhero doing what he feels is right and putting themselves on the line to save the people he can.
  3. Once again here are some honorable mentions– Deku this boy has so much heart, cares deeply, and keeps pushing himself. All might- even in his small might form he is still trying, learning, and doing what he can and isn’t that what really makes a hero?

Overall, I know this journey will take quite some time, dedication, and some real personal growth. I’m excited and I hope you can join me on this journey! Next week’s article will be discussing Superhero Stats! What actually make a Superhero super- physical fitness, intelligence, or skillset? Realistically, a combination of all three? Yes! I will be getting into all of that fun stuff including my own starting points! I will also upload corresponding YouTube videos so you all can actually share in my experiences and see the magic happen! Thank you so much for reading!

Plus Ultra!

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