Superhero Body: Becoming A Superhero! (Superhero Stats)

Hello! This is a continuation of my previous blog post- Superhero Body: Becoming a Superhero! Previously, I discussed what makes a Super hero e.g. mind, body, spirit, as well as my own personal inspiration. So, if you’re interested in starting at square one, I would recommend checking that one out! Furthermore, this blog post will dive deeper into all aspects concerning what makes a super hero super, e.g. physical fitness, intelligence, and skills plus my own starting points 🙂

Superhero Stats

(What really makes a Superhero Super?)

Let’s discuss what really makes a Superhero super- physical fitness, intelligence, their skill-set? Or in all honesty a combination of all three? This is where I will be discussing the gauge in which I will judge myself as I progress, as well as some Superhero guidelines/goals for myself:

Physical Fitness– Courtesy of the Mayo Clinic I was able to find a good guideline of what generally encompasses good physical fitness, as well some categories and acceptable guidelines.

  • Aerobic fitness: Overall aerobic fitness can be summarized by how well your body takes in and processes oxygen- now my fit bit keeps track of this for me, in which currently/at my official starting point mine was reading as between the 28-32 range. I am currently in the poor/below average level for a woman my age (31). Overall, someone who scores in good/excellent condition is where my goal lines up with.
Courtesy of
  • Heart rate– For most adults a healthy heart rate is between 60-100 beats per minute with those who are athletes/in excellent fitness falling between 54-64 beats per minute. My heart range is currently 70bpm, so above average. Yay, for heart health, am I right?
Courtesy of
  • Running/jogging test– According to the Mayo Clinic timing yourself on your completion of 1.5 mile jog is another way to test your physical fitness and let me just say I was off the charts! In all seriousness my time was 24:20, not close to the best, but at least now I know I have a lot of room for improvement!
Courtesy of the Mayo Clinic
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance– Good old fashion pushups and sit-ups can be used to measure you muscular strength and endurance. I timed myself for 1 minute to see how many I could do and the results were…eye opening:
    • Push Ups (modified)- 6
    • Sit-Ups- 12

I have less physical strength than a 65+ year old woman should have. The positive is, there is a lot of room for improvement! Stay positive!

  • Flexibility- Now this one I had a little trouble with measuring. I attempted the sit and reach test as pictured below:
Image Courtesy of:

The problem with my attempt was…I did not have a sit and reach testing “box”, so I did my best and improvised. I ended up just sitting on the floor and stretching while my husband measured how far my hands reached in so, here are those measurements.

  • My Sit and Reach test results- 28 1/4 in or 71.75cm

My Current Progress (Photos)

As you can see, I am just beginning my Superhero body journey in earnest, in so my current measurements as of 2/12/22 are:

Chest- 42in (106.7cm)

Arms- 13.8in (35.1m)

Ribs- 36.4in (92.6cm)

Waist- 36.4in (92.7cm)

Hips- 46.6in (118.6cm)

Thighs- 29.4in (74.8cm)

Calf- 15.8in (40.2cm)

Lbs: 196

Body Fat %- 46.2

Overall, I am am not anywhere near where I would like to be, but we have the motivation, drive, desire, and best of all plan to get to where I would like to go. I will also discuss further my actual body goals on my YouTube channel in my Super Hero Inspiration video!

Superhero Stats- More than just Physical

(Multiple Intelligence’s- Where I’m really starting)

We all know Superheros are more than their physical bodies, right? In so, I have also added in multiple intelligence’s, in which I hope to improve on. I am also adding in certain skills, but we will be getting to those later. Let’s talk intelligence- if one is unfamiliar Multiple Intelligence theory is that there are multiple areas of intelligence in which someone would have varying degrees of aptitude for each one instead of just one category of intelligence. The multiple intelligence categories are generally as such:

Courtesy of CNBC

To further expound on this to figure out some of my starting points I took a few tests. Now, not all tests are created equal, particularly those you find online that are free. So, I ended up doing a couple, but I will be sharing the results of one in particular that- the one that I believe gave me the most accurate results/what I was actually looking for AND had them in an easy to understand display:

These are all courtesy of (and in case there is any confusion-as the background color seems to be black instead of white. (Green is my results, Blue are average male results, and Red are the average female results)

Visual/Spatial Intelligence-Moderately Strong
Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence- Not my strongest suit
Musical Intelligence-About Average
Linguistic Intelligence- Yep, one of my strongest attributes
Logical-Mathematical Intelligence- Math has never been my strongest suit, but in my experience there is a world of a difference between those who know math and those who can TEACH math.
Interpersonal intelligence- Apparently not one of my strongest suits but according to those who know me personally, I’m in no way socially inept, but when answering questions in test format I would obviously answer, “No, I do not like large gathering, nor do I prefer public speaking”, etc.
Interpersonal Intelligence-One of my strongest intelligence’s. What can I say? I know what I’m about.
Naturalistic Intelligence- Accordingly sufficient enough and average

Well, now that’s a lot of new information to process, don’t worry I’ll summarize.

Highest to Lowest Intelligence’s for me:

  • Intrapersonal- 86/100
  • Verbal/Linguistic- 85/100
  • Logical/Mathematical- 67/100
  • Musical- 63/100
  • Visual/Spatial- 60/100
  • Naturalistic- 53/100
  • Interpersonal- 40/100
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic- 35/100

So, we definitely have our becoming a Superhero goal worked out for us, huh? I will be improving multiple areas of my intelligence’s hopefully to make myself a more well rounded individual and “Superhero”. I will primarily be improving these areas by doing things! An example of this is that concerning musical ability I plan on picking up an instrument or two (such as the kalimba, harmonica, or stating up piano) furthermore I will be doing a lot of reading of numerous books, in which I plan on putting up quick reviews here, as well as on my YouTube channel! Maybe list form will help- I plan on doing some variation of the following-

  • Learning instruments (Kalimba, piano, harmonica, etc)
  • Solving logic and Spatial puzzles (rubics cube, learning to play chess, etc)
  • Trying out new physical activities (physical therapy, archery, boxing, etc)
  • So much reading! (communication, languages, psychology, etc)
  • And More!
Oh, we’re gonna get it!
Photo by Gerd Altmann on

I plan on doing a whole lot of growth during this next year and more. As well, uploading most if not everything on YouTube. Please join me on my journey, in which my success is your success. We got this!


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