So here’s the basics-

I’m just a thirty-something still trying to figure things out.

It’s a process

On a real note though, we’re all confused about who we are or what we’re doing at least to some extent. I am in a place in my life right now, to try and figure some things out. I suppose calling it a transitional period in my life is the right way of describing it.  Well, let’s give it a go and let me try to describe myself as succinctly as possible.

My name is Angela, I am in my thirties (oh no!), I am married to a wonderfully adorable man, and I have an even more adorable toddler. I am currently in a weird limbo area of needing to return to college to finish my Psychology degree and I have still yet to find my passion in life. I do enjoy a lot of different things though, hopefully this blog, subsequent YouTube videos (I’m working on it), and future projects (also a work in progress), will help me narrow down my passions. I think as I’ve progressed on my life journey I am most passionate about life, learning, and really connecting with others.

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