Transform 20: Commit Phase is complete! (Week 2)

So i recently completed Transform 20 Commit Phase and I am still in the process of completely the program. How exciting! So, first things first, if you are interested in reading about the first week of Transform 20 please click here! Continuing on, completing the second week really did feel like a huge accomplishment and I definitely felt that my body has gotten better and is a-doin’-somethin’, aka transforming.

Transformation is a process and I am feeling it…

Let’s begin with probably the big reveal. I think I’m going to write articles for every phase of the program (instead of every week) but hey, who knows? But if you’re interested in more of the day to day progress please watch my YouTube videos, as I film a bit for every day of the program. By the way in the realm of full disclosure and honesty I am actually writing this article after completing my third week of the program, so yes I apologize that I’m little late on completing this one-I have yet to do my measurements for week 3 so we’re just going to stick with putting all the info for week 2 out there, agreed?

It’s always great to keep a sense of humor about it

Recap and New Stats Below:

Start date: February 8th, 2021 Commit Phase Completion Date: February 21st, 2021

Starting Weight: 201.2lbs Commit Phase End Weight: 199.2lbs

Measurements: (All measurements where applicable are right side)

Arm:14.17in ________________14.40in (+0.23in)

Chest: 43.66__________________41.81in (-1.85in)

Rib Cage: 36.92in_____________36.53in (-0.39in)

Waist: 37.32in________________36.92in (-0.4in)

Hips: 48.62in________________48.38in (-0.24in)

Thigh: 28.81in_______________29.01in (+0.2in)

Calf: 15.98in________________16.02in (+0.04in)

Body Fat%: 46.7_____________46.6 (-0.1%)

Muscle Mass: 104lbs__________103.4lbs (-0.6lbs)

Well, overall I lost 2.41 inches and 2lbs in Phase 1 of Transform 20. I am eventually going to put some progress pics together for the end of the program and definitely make a video about it so please keep checking back for those! Anyways, I can say for sure I do feel stronger, more capable, and I have gotten better at doing the Transformers (the exercises that you are suppose to keep track of on your workout log to track your progress). Now, onto the rest!

Nutrition- During the first week I mentioned that I was more so in the 2000 calorie range and that I needed to clean up my diet a little bit more. During Week 2 I did do that and averaged about 1850 calories daily-obviously still room for improvement but in taking this as a realistic and long term transformation I have decided slow and steady is the best way for me to “win” this “race”.

Keep doing you and keep moving forward 🙂

Workouts- I’m still walking 4/5 days a week with my husband and daughter and keeping it minimum 30 minutes. It’s really lovely to have some outdoor family time and husband has even upped the pace so now he wears his workout shoes instead of just his flip flops.

Small changes, matter

In summary, we’re doing and feeling great! I feel the transformation and I’m enjoying the process- one step at a time!

We can do this!

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